Max Vitality

Most People are Low in Omega-3

Introducing the only Fish oil supplements made from a blend of natural non-concentrated New Zealand fish oil combined with highly concentrated tuna oil.  

Processed with a unique proprietary enzymatic system that delivers pure, concentrated DHA and EPA in the NATURAL TRIGLYCERIDE FORM. This is the most effective form of fish oil and is rare among supplement brands because it is both technically challenging and expensive to make.

NOTE:-  Most concentrated fish oils are subject to high heat and are converted to ethyl esters as part of the process, then sometimes reconverted back to the triglyceride form and are no longer natural and thus have poorer bioavailability.

Supports the Cardiovascular System 

DHA is Essential for Brain Function – Mental Clarity & Memory

Helps with Healthy Joints – and Reducing Inflammation 

This is the Standard Blend with 
700 mg DHA & 300 mg EPA ea
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Standard Blend in an easy-to-take mini gel form
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contains the standard blend + Astaxanthin & Lycopene to support anti-aging of the skin
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Contains DHA Plus blend & CoQ10 for optimum heart health.  
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