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Why Most Diets Fail

I want to share with you the main reason people fail in the quest to lose weight.

Now when you hear the reason, you may think that it’s quite obvious and brush it off.

But I would encourage you to hear me out because this is a major stumbling block and many people fail in achieving their goals because of it.

Firstly - Most Fail at Diets for this Reason

So, the reason people fail is that they treat their weight loss journey like a Sprint when it should be a marathon.

That’s right, the journey to weight loss is a marathon and not a Sprint

And what I mean by that is. like a marathon: your weight loss will take time if you want to succeed and do it in a healthy way.

If you were to run in a marathon and you try to run too fast, you will run out of steam and not finish the race

In the same way, many people reach the stage where they decide they need to lose weight. So, they get full of enthusiasm and motivation and throw themselves full-on into it.

They start a very strict diet or a hard exercise routine.

Because of their first high levels of motivation, they can stick it out for two, three, or four weeks.    And then …….

The Dieters Biggest Enemy is ?

But then comes the temptation to have some junk food. And it’s like, I will have just one (donut, chocolate etc) and then it’s “oh I miss that so much”

I’ll have another one or two or three or four and then it’s like the heck with it and give up.

And then because your metabolism has slowed due to your reduced calorie intake, this extra food can put on even more weight than before.

Time is your Friend (or Foe)

You need to realize it usually takes a long time to gain weight and so it is going to take some time to lose it

You need to support a new lifestyle a period long enough for you body to adapt. This is because as soon as calories are restricted the body thinks there is a famine, and the metabolism will slow down to compensate and store up more fat for the future.

So do not put yourself through a short-term harsh restrictive regimes, but think of it as a new lifestyle.

Start off with a steady pace you can keep, like the pace you would run in a marathon to reach the end.

Steady as She Goes

Take it easy so that you can sustain that level for the long term.

As time goes on and your fitness levels increase, you might want to increase the intensity or frequency or duration of your workouts.

For eating, you might be able to get a bit stricter with your dietary habits.

But don’t be too hard on yourself.

Praise yourself for every victory, no matter how small.

Forgive yourself for every failure, no matter how big.

Enjoy the Journey

Love yourself and try to make it enjoyable
Focusing on the outcomes.
Picture yourself being the desired weight and shape and condition that you want to be.


Make it Easy & Enjoyable

Make your goals easy at first so that you will be more likely to stick with it and ultimately succeed.

Consume foods that are not only healthy but also tasty and will help you in your goals.

Also, with preparing food, the easier it can be the more likely you are to succeed.

So, with that in mind, I found something for you I would like to recommend that covers the above points. 

21 Day Plan? HUH????

Yes I know, after telling you it takes time, you show me a 21-day plan??? 

Allow me to explain,  the 21 days is a Startup, designed to be easy and enjoyable, so you can establish new habits and be rewarded with some results. 

After that, you can continue on the plan if you are liking it or trasition to other successful long term plans. 


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