Max Vitality

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Awareness of underlying health conditions

COVID-19 has illustrated how important our general health is. Of the people who became seriously ill or died from the virus, 95% of them had one or more underlying conditions which in turn weakened their immune systems.



A complete nutrient system in one bottle

Xtend-Life recognized the importance of foundational / general health 20 years ago. We are a global leader in developing products to help support that need by providing a complete nutrient system to support all the organs and systems in our bodies. This is critical as all our systems and organs are interdependent.

Go Beyond Vitamins with Superior Supplementation

  • Contains advanced cell-enhancing ingredients
  • Defy the signs of aging with rare enzymes
  • Supports PMS and menopause management

Address nutrient deficiencies and imbalances

It is virtually impossible in today’s modern world to provide every one of your organs and systems with all the nutrients that they need without professional supplementation. This is due to degradation of our food supply, an abundance of packaged and processed foods, environmental pollutants and the general stress of modern living. However, if our bodies are provided with the nutrients they need they can be a miraculous healing machine.